Tiny Treasures - Super seven - irregular - 100g

Tiny Treasures - Super seven - irregular - 100g

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Irregular shaped "gravel chips" 


"Premo" tiny Treasures are pieces that have nice rounded shape eaither fully round, egg shape or round with flat base. They where aquired from a bead manufacturer but are not drilled. Amethyst- superior grade

Other tiny Treasures available......

Amethyst - long dark

Amethyst- flat back cabs

Amethyst- light lavender small tumbles 

Amethyst - raw

Amethyst- mini points 

Aquamarine - irregular 

Aquamarine - tiny premos

Aquamarine- raw

Beryl - raw

Apatite - dark

Apatite- transparent 

Sunstone- dyed

Sunstone- premo 

Sunstone- raw

super seven- irregular 

Super seven - premo

Kunzite- transparent 

kunzite pink

kunzite ' raw


Orange Agate - premos

flower Agate- irregular 

Flower Agate- premos

Flower Agate- small tumbles 

Botswana Agate- cab eggs

Botswana- small tumbles 

Moonstone- mixed

Moonstone transparent 

Moonstone- black

Amazonite-green Moonstone 

Garnet - 

Garnet - raw

Garnet mini

Kyanite- raw

pyrite - mini

pyrite - cube 

rose quartz- A

rose quartz- Lilac

rose quartz- raw

sodalite- premo

Sodalite- raw

Mini druzy


Green rutile- irregular 

Green rutile premo

jasper flat oval

durminite - blue rutile 

cats eye

moss Agate- sphere 

moss Agate- premo 




tiger eye 

Ruby ziosite

Fuschite in quartz 

Black Tourmaline 

Black Tourmaline- raw

Green/blue Tourmaline raw

iolite - raw

iolite- irregular 

Muti color Tourmaline 

Multi color Tourmaline- raw


garden quartz- premo

garden quartz - irregular 

rutile quartz- premo 

rutile quartz- irregular 


rhyolite jasper 

red jasper

Blue lace chalcedony 

Obsidian snowflakes 

Rainbow Obsidian