Mystery Box - VIP gratitude version.

Mystery Box - VIP gratitude version.

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these mystery boxes are an offer to my amazing beautiful long time customers who I've had the pleasure of getting to know on a personal level. It is the best part of my bbusiness and I wouldn't of been where I am today without that personal one on one cibe and your support and encouragement.

This will be the most fun mystery box idea ever. As I know what each of you love to collect and/or create with I will be able to make a surprise box that will exceed your expectations. 

Your box will also be a piece of art made especially for you. 

You can set the price! 

You will see 2 options the $50 is the minimum but you can add additional value using the $10 selection  

Everything will be discounted and of the best quality. The higher the budget the better discounted deal I can do.